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Danganronpa - Monokuma 43 cm Large Plush

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- Monokuma (at some point)

From the hit cult series of Danganronpa comes the 36cm Monokuma Plush!

Did you know 'bear' in japanese is 'Kuma'? And Mono could mean monochromatic? Put them together and you get monochromatic bear! Trivia!

Keep this (not so) cuddly bear close by, you'll never know what he'll get up to...

Perfect for any danganronpa fan's room!

Monokuma measures approx 36cm from his ears to his toes, and he's made with super soft fabric! Perfect for cuddling while you're spreading despair.

This perfect partner in crime also comes in a 25cm version (travel sized - yay!).

Order yours today!

*Please note: This is not an official licensed merchandise.

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