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Hello Adventurers! Come browse our wares... Finest crafts from all the realms!

Dice, books, spellbook cards and so much more are available here at the madshop. Perfect for any player or DM looking to start a new campaign or even enrich an ongoing one! Feel free to browse and contact the wizards here if you have any questions!

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Customer Testimonials

Great store, great products, good prices. Hard to find good stores like these! Keep u the good work guys!

- Michael F

I found the "Lightning Reaction Reloaded Electric Shock Game" on the The Mad Shop's website and desperately wanted it to give to someone for Christmas, but I'd left it late to order. I was panicking a bit but The Mad Shop posted it straight away and I received it with time to spare. That game made Christmas Day one of the funniest I can remember, with some grown men reacting very unmanly. I'm now a regular visitor to the website.

- Geoff, Riverton WA

Always helpful. If you can't find what you're after they can order it instore for you. My favourite shop with outstanding customer service.

- Jason M