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Kingdom Hearts: Kingdom Keyblade

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Measurements and Materials (Approximately)

Blade Length: 75cm

Handle length: 30cm

Total Length: 106cm

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

The Kingdom Keyblade is the default most recognisable keyblade of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, serving as main character Sora's first out of many obtainable blades throughout the series, used to carve his way through darkness and lock worlds away from it's forces. Since the beginning the Kingdom Key has become an icon for the Kingdom Heart franchise and whilst it's not the most powerful weapon in the game many players use it out of sentiment, weilding it from start to finish. Designed to be a typical skeleton key, it's main distinguishable features are the crown like teeth at the end of the blade which match Sora's crown charm, as well as the keychain attached to the end of the blade, with a token shapped in the mickey mouse logo which the blade draws it's magical powers from.

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