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Pandemic is a collaborative game where all players attempt to cure the deadly deases which have broken out all over the world! Each of the four players is assigned a specific speciality and role to play in the fight to find a cure and stop the desease from spreading. For example, the Scientist can find a cure quicker than the other players and the Operations Expert can build research centers which are needed to find a cure and allow easily mobility between world stations.

Two deck of cards are placed before the players, one controling their four actions of travel between cities, treat infected area, discover a cure, or build a research station, whilst the other deck controls the speed of the desease. Hidden throughout the decks are Epedemic! cards, which accelerated and increase the effectiveness of the dease.

If players manage to handle the breakout and find cures for all four deases, they win! However, if they fail to keep the deseases under control and stop them from spreading, all players lose.