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The Walking Dead: Michonne`s Sword

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As soon as we saw Michonne, she became one of the most loved characters of the series The Walking Dead. She came into the series in season three. Showing kindness to Andrea, brought her into the family. She fought and battled for them against both walkers and human enemies. Defening thier home with her skills and brains, bringing hope to everyone.

Michonne using her katana blade is a force to be reconed with, her determined leaves no enimy left standing. Her katana was is an iconinc weapon from the series, and would be an exciting edition to anyones collection, wether your just starting out. or have everyting. With the blade made of high grade Carbon steel and a synthetic leather wrapped scabbard, this replica is bound to impress.

Measurements (Appoximately)

Total length: 100cm

Blade Length: 71cm

Tsuka length: 29cm


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