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Unique chibi anime figure designs brought to you by Good Smile Company


Good Smile Company, or commonly known as GSC is a figure manufacturer in Japan that's most famous for their Nendoroid, figma and Scale Figure product lines. Their products range from classic to popular anime, manga or video game characters.

Good Smile's Nendoroid series are PVC figures of characters from anime, manga or video games but in their cute chibi form! These adorable chibi figures are customizable with the unique face and body parts that usually come with in their box.

The wide range of facial expressions and poses that nendoroid parts have leaves the collector a lot of room for creativity in how they want to display their favorite character. Nendoroids are also great for hobbies like toy photography. The best part about having nendoroids for your collection is you get to make your favorite character(s) do unique faces and poses that you might not even see them do in the show! That kind of thing is thrilling don't you think?


Nendoroids are made of PVC material so if left sitting in a warm area for long periods of time, the surface will become sticky. Dusts that stick to the figure can be problematic too. Therefore, here are some tips on caring for your Nendoroid and maintaining its condition!

  • Do not put your Nendoroid under the sun for too long or else the plastic will slowly vaporize and bend.
  • Do not keep your Nendoroids in sealed boxes forever either because it also causes the plastic to vaporize eventually making the figure sticky.
  • Nendoroids have various parts as well as accessories that are small that's why I recommend having an organizer box for them to avoid losing parts or to make it easier to maintain them.
  • Regularly clean your Nendoroids, even at least once a year. To clean them you first:
  • Dismantle the parts and put them in a basin or container. Fill the container with water and mix a bit of dishwashing liquid to the water.
  • Soak for about 15 minutes if the nendoroid parts are not very dirty, but in the case they're very sticky and dirty we recommend soaking for 30 minutes to 1 hour maximum.
  • Gently rub the nendoroid parts with a soft sponge for the stains to come off easily. Drain the soapy water and rinse the nendoroid parts thoroughly.
  • Lastly, dry them with a soft towel and a cool fan then you're done! If your nendoroid has only a few dust on it, you can use wet cotton buds to gently clean them and just dry them afterwards.



Modcons Gifts and Accessories is a certified Good Smile Partner Shop and we bring you authentic nendoroid figures from Japan! These loveable chubby cheeked chibi figures are available to order and get delivered at your doorstep in Australia or even collect it at our store. Browse from shows such as Sword Art Online, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia and many more! Pick up your new best boy or girl (or beast!) today!


Looking for your next anime action figure? Want something new to add to your collection? Then you may love nendoroids. Nendoroids are anime action figure that has a more unique design, created and popularized by our good friends at Good Smile Company. Inspired by characters from anime shows that you love, but with a more fun design, which is more miniature and chibi-like. Choose from your favorites and collect by your heart’s content with our wide range of Nendoroids. And if you’re eyeing for something that is yet to release, you can still preorder or place your orders with us and save your slot, to get them before they sell out.


Nendoroids is the perfect figures to buy if you are looking for a figure that you can articulate their arms and legs for different poses, swap their expressions, or add extra objects to the figure. This is great collection as how it can help you remove stress with their lovely poses and sizes that lives their cuteness and nendoroids are easy to display. The Mad Shop offers the best and updated nendoroids from the major supplier of Nendoroids, Good Smile Company. Stay notified on the latest releases of nendoroids and we will make sure that you can get the authentic and amazing Nendoroids.


In partnership with the Good Smile Company, The Mad Shop provides the best quality and latest nendoroid figures in Australia. For buying nendoroids, this is the perfect choice to go. Get now the cute chibi nendoroid figures in their unique pose, and add them to your collection of Nendoroids at your home! This is the happy place of people who likes Nendoroids as we offer only the best nendoroids in Australia, we are also available to ship your order from any place in the world. Avail now the nendoroids who can definitely give life to your home and enjoy their cuteness every day.


Have fun with these cute anime nendoroid figures. Wether you are an avid anime figure collector that is looking for an addition to your growing collection, or just a casual fan that wants to treat yourself with a fun anime merchandise, there is something in store for everyone. With that said, you can have it as gift for your family and friends that surely loves everything anime. Perfect to give your brothers, sisters, and cousins for bithdays, Christmas, and any other occasions, even casual days that you feel generous. Nendoroids are also something to spice up your home. Be inspired and put it it in your favorite spaces such as room, living room, and office.


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